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We Build Solutions

With the current market challenges for increased competitiveness, investments streamlining, and shorter deadlines for the implementation of projects, we have developed our own operation concept focused on customer service at all stages of your project.

With EARLY ENGAGEMENT, we provide modern, safe, and customized solutions from the initial Project design, CAPEX training, Feasibility Studies, Licensing, Project Engineering, and Construction.

Our Focus is on the Customer

Commitment to our customers’ challenges is part of our culture. 

Out brand embeds our concept of performance, totally in harmony with our values.

Now, we highlight “ON,” highlighting the way we relate to our Customers, combining the connectivity, modernity and customization that we offer in our projects and works.

On Line

With 24/7/365 connection to our Customers, we leverage all the potential that technology provides us to make the relationship closer, yielding more agile, effective responses.

On Time

In line with state-of-the-art concepts of FAST TRACKING CONSTRUCTION, we produce and implement modern engineering solutions both before and during the construction stage, with the key focus on deadlines and project implementation goals, and the kickoff of our Customers’ business.

On Demand

Working in a personalized way, we seek to UNDERSTAND in order to ANSWER. We produce customized solutions – individually designed projects – to exclusively and individually meet each customer’s demands.


Gercon has always been transparent towards us starting at the tendering procedure, building trust in the relationship, when certain things went against the company’s interests, bringing to the table less expensive solutions.

They understood that it was intended to make the project viable. Multiterminais will certainly look to Gercon for new works. Our perspective is to make new investments, and we rely on Gercon as an important partner for this endeavor

Pedro Klien
Executive Director at Multi Rio

The quality of the work has a lot to do with the partners we choose. We know that Gercon follows a quality program. Further, the fulfillment of the goals and the quality objectives we are reaching.

José Mauro
Project Manager at Oil States Industries