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We believe that compliance, ethics and integrity go hand in hand, and our tolerance for corruption, violations of competition principles, and any law is zero – and when such things happen, we take quick action.

We give special attention to the impact of our actions on society; we apply good governance practices, ethics and respect in our dealings with Suppliers and Customers. In this sense, we adopt strict compliance guidelines, with internal and external risk prevention programs, providing a healthy environment for employees.

In our Code of ETHICS and CONDUCT, the key guidelines include:

  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • Adhering to ethical standards, respecting the rights and dignity of all persons with whom we have business relationships, not accepting unlawful benefits or offering these to others;
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest to the detriment of Gercon, and, under no circumstances, competing with it;
  • Keeping full confidentiality about any data, information and documents of Gercon, as well as not misappropriating any property of Gercon or other companies, whether in tangible form or not;
  • Effectively collaborating with the compliance with this Code of Conduct.